Collaborative research

    Our aim is to address research topics of interest for the industry. Hence, we conduct an important part of our research activities in close partnership with the industrial sector. If you want to collaborate with us, different modalities are possible depending on the research project.


    Thesis projects extend over a period of three years and are especially well suited to conduct in-depth research on a given subject. Thesis generally start between the months of October and January. They can be founded directly by an industrial or by a CIFRE agreement with the ANRT .


    We regularly welcome Master 2 and final year engineering school interns who can work on industrial research subjects. These internships generally last 6 months between February and September. They are a great solution to clear up a research topic before considering a longer term study.


    A post-doctorate is a researcher who recently obtained his PhD, hired on a fixed-term contract on a specific research project that can be financed by an industrial. Postdocs can start at any time of the year and typically last between 12 and 18 months. They constitute a great way to work on a medium-term research topic with an already experienced researcher.


    A final form of collaboration consists in bringing in a CMM permanent researcher as an expert in your project.

    Our collaborative research is managed by Armines, a contractual research association linked by agreement to MINES ParisTech.